Getting in Shape with the Sole Elliptical E95

Getting in Shape with the Sole Elliptical E95

Description: For those who are not fans of running on treadmills, we present the Sole E95 elliptical trainer, which is equipped with several features designed to make workouts easier. This review examines the product’s most important features, specifications, pros and cons.

The Sole E95 is a heavy duty elliptical trainer (Amazon) equipped with several features that make it easy to use. The company behind it, SOLE, is known for its state of the art elliptical trainers, and this one is no exception, as it is packed with a lot of features that will make your sessions more productive and enjoyable. Although not perfect, it’s a well designed trainer.

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Features of E-95 elliptical

The E95 Sole Elliptical has several features built in, and one of the most significant is the LED readout, as it is vibrant and clear, making it easy for you to view the results (just compare it to the basic Sole e35 elliptical model and you will know what we are talking about).

The trainer also has a convenient holder for your water bottle as you work out, and there’s even a built-in cooling fan included as well. You don’t find these on cheaper elliptical trainers and it’s not something people usually think about when they buy an elliptical, but they’re very handy.

The E95 also has a well-designed drive system that provides smooth and fluid movement, with none of the jerkiness that comes with other elliptical trainers. It’s fairly quiet compared to other elliptical trainers, and the high gear ratio and 29 lb. flywheel provides you with lots of resistance and smooth movement.

One of the most common  problems with elliptical trainers is they have a hard time balancing between smoothness and resistance, but SOLE got that problem fixed here.

sole-e95-computerThe E95 also has a couple of heart-rate-controlled workout options so you can set the machine up specifically to meet your workout requirements. As you use the trainer, the E95 displays a graph as it adjusts the resistance to ensure you remain at the target zone. In addition you get a wireless chest strap with an accuracy of 99.9%.

The trainer also has generous custom foot pedals with foam cushioning which make workouts more comfortable, even more if you have good running shoes.

This feature was put together with the help of professional therapists, and the pedal has an inward slope of two degrees, which reduce the stress on your knees and ankles. That’s an issue which affects most elliptical machines, so it’s good to see that it has been addressed here.


As far as ease of use goes, the E95 is one of the best around, and it’s definitely designed for those who are serious about working out. Even so, the E95 isn’t hard to use and even a first time user won’t have any problems figuring out how to program the system.

Apart from its durability, the trainer really benefits from the aforementioned LCD display as well as the sound system. As many reviewers have mentioned already, the E95 provides high end functionality, and its feature set is more like that of an expensive trainer.

One of the more important features on the E95 is the incline as it increases resistance as you work on various muscle groups in your body. This is a very important feature as it means that for every workout you do you’ll get more out of it. And the best part about this is it is very easy to use. All you need to do is press one of the buttons and set the incline ramp to the level that you want.

Unlike those of other trainers, the ramp on the E95 is fully adjustable from level up to 40 degrees. What this means is you can focus on each target without compromising on the other muscle groups in your lower body. As you work you’ll need to keep track of your progress, and that’s easy to do thanks to the clear display. Once you’ve set the machine up, all the windows for pace, pulse, calories burned, distance, time, incline, resistance and other information are displayed.


  • Weight: 215 pounds
  • Capacity: 400 pounds
  • Water bottle/accessory holders: Yes
  • Built-in cooling fans: Yes
  • Heart rate programs: 2, with chest strap
  • User-defined programs: 2
  • Standard programs: 6
  • Profile matrix: Yes
  • Data: pace, pulse, time, resistance levels, calories, distance
  • Display: Commercial-grade 9-inch blue backlit LCD
  • Power incline: Yes
  • Heart rate control: Yes
  • Telemetry belt: Yes
  • HGP: Yes
  • Handgrip: Standard
  • Upper body: Yes
  • Adjustable pedals: Yes, 10 positions
  • Resistance levels: 20
  • Resistance type: Eddy Current Braking
  • Stride length: 20 inches
  • Front drive: Yes
  • Flywheel: 30 pounds
  • Warranties: 2 years on labor, 5 years on parts and electronics, lifetime for frame

What we really liked

sole-e95-man-on-elliptical-machineThe elliptical trainer has a lot of benefits including the following:

  • Easy to program
  • Movement is smooth
  • Assembly is easy
  • Durable

What could be improved

The Sole Elliptical E95 has a lot of features going for it, but it isn’t perfect, and there are a few drawbacks associated with it you need to know.

  • The machine makes a bit of noise
  • No holder for your mp3 player

What Customers Say

Most Sole Fitness E95 reviews have been positive, with most expressing satisfaction with the way the trainer moves. Luke of Iowa says he’s “very happy” with the E95 and that it’s much more effective than walking or running, as it doesn’t put a lot of pressure on his knees.

Don of Anaheim also wrote a positive review of the trainer, and he’s particularly delighter with the heart rate monitor as it is very convenient and accurate. Dana of New Jersey wrote a review after using the E95, saying that it is “very comfortable” and “easy to use”.

These are among the many reviews that have been written online about the E95. Not all of them have been positive, but most are, and it is an indication of how well designed it is.


The Sole E95 has received a lot of positive reviews online, and it’s easy to see why when you consider all of its features. It’s not the cheapest elliptical trainer and it isn’t perfect, but the rich feature set and its many features make the trainer very easy to use. Most importantly, this is built to last so you can use it for a long time.

If you want to check for the price hop over to the Amazon site.

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