My Running Shoe: Asics Gel Kayano 20 Review

My Running Shoe: Asics Gel Kayano 20 Review

By Nenad A. / October 19, 2014

Oh, the irony. The moment I ordered my Asics Gel Kayano 20 shoes (which I will slightly dissect here), I found out that the next generation is out there. I mean, we even wrote about it in the Kayano 21 article. Oh well. Sometimes it is acceptable not to go for the latest shoes and just run with the proven one.

So let’s dive into this from a personal point of view:

Buying Running Shoes = Kid in a Toy Store


The thing is, my grandpa was a shoemaker. A real one. Like you see in the old movies. He had his own little shop that smelled like glue, and grandma at the front desk always smiling and always giving me couple of bucks for the movies when I did bother to pay them a visit. So that’s probably where my obsession with buying the greatest shoe came from.

Nowadays I am not afraid of shopping online. For some reason I was reluctant to do so in the past, but lately the experience has been ecstatic.  Absolutely the same for me with buying running shoes.

Here’s a little trick, though: It is important to know what you really want. For example, I wanted a good shoe that is durable and let’s say newbie friendly but experienced runners love it too. I also have been suffering before because of my flat feet, and before I really understood pronation and better support on shoes I was having painful experience with any kind of running (maybe except on treadmills). So anyway, I wanted to go with a shoe that is good for over-pronation and also has good support and cushioning since I run mostly on asphalt – and that ain’t no joke for your knees even if you run only 10-15 miles a week.

Why is Gel Kayano 20 the real deal

I will admit, at the beginning I was a little sceptic about this shoe, because there were no negative comments about it (see next paragraph). Mostly that kind of feedback is strange for me, but I thought: okay, so it must be that these are all people who knew what they are buying and expecting.


What made me go for it was the very situation I wrote about: not being a professional runner, mostly running on asphalt and having a mild over-pronation. What happened?

Just like the comments said, the shoe delivered and then over-delivered. For a this price range it’s the best thing money can buy.

Who is it made for?

kayano-20-frontThis is a special made running shoes designed for those with hurt feet. Mainly for people with flat feet and slight pronation, however after checking a great deal of testimonials for both men and women shoes, I understood I’m not the only one who liked it. Both people who stand most of the time in their daily jobs, or have pain in their feet  due to different reasons, and runners who run for several years now with that “no pain, no gain” attitude (I was in a same boat) will feel a drastic change.

First of it’s just the right amount of support to make it up for the slight difference in your anatomy that will make people love running in this shoe. It’s like walking on air, or maybe on a pile of balloons. Really hard to explain, but it is the one that when you put up, you say to yourself “this just feels right!”

Users who have bought it already say the best things about the shoes, such as “the best shoes I ever owned” or simply “Amazing” but what is the best, one user confirmed their knee troubles while running went away after switching to Kayano 20. Now that is what we all want to see in running shoes.

Who will hate this shoe?

If you are one of them people who love the touch and feel of the ground you are running on, you’re definitely gonna hate this shoe. It has a great support on your heel – kind of support even I was surprised to feel for the first time, but also along the whole length of the sole. So basically you won’t feel anything except the soft touch of it, like running on thick air. I personally absolutely love it, but you might hate it, so be aware.

Main characteristics

  • rubber sole,
  • rear and front the Gel Cushioning  System – absorbs shock while heel-to-toe running (or vice-versa) and makes the run smooth
  • FluidRide – bounce back and cushioning properties for the first time introduced in this very shoe (today a standard already)
  • FluidFit – makes your shoe to adapt technology that makes the shoe adapt to your feed
  • Dynamic DuoMax Support System – enhances stability and support, with reduced weight.
  • Guidance Trusstic System – special line construction that enhances gait efficiency, and also provides better structure for midfoot integrity.
  • Heel Clutching System – great heel fitting environment with great support
  • Heel to Toe drop: 10mm
  • Weight: 11.8 oz (Men’s) and 9.4 oz (Women’s)


The shoe is really comfy, both for walking and running. The support system makes up for my underpronation problem and I feel like I could go around the world in these shoes. The amount of support on heels is a little bit on the “higher” side (maybe more than you need) but for me this is a great plus. Beacuse running on normal road or asphalt is far more demanding for your heels and knees than running on, say treadmill or synthetic tracks. The piece of mind I get from this (knowing that at 40 I won’t destroy my knees) is the one great benefit I started to look for in any shoe.

Except for all the things I have mentioned, what helps me the most was the air conditioning system. But in all seriousness, the fact that the shoe breeds helps a lot on longer runs especially if the weather is hot.

Now I don’t consider myself of a super expert, but I want to mention the special Guidance Trusstic system that the shoe has. Maybe it’s just a placebo, but I feel like I do run better. Sort of, straighter with this. Crazy right? Well, whatever it is, it works.


Final Thoughts

If you are a runner, or a serious walker (hear that, Walking Dead fans?) you will definitely benefit with this shoe. Maybe you shouldn’t use it for your everyday running if you are a pro, but for “lazy days” or when you feel your legs are too tired to take you on the titanium ground, why not take a break and run on clouds a little bit. And hey, if you just feel like a rest day, running errands still counts as running. I mean. Right?

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