Kelty Ignite DriDown 20-Degree Sleeping Bag Review

Kelty Ignite DriDown 20-Degree Sleeping Bag Review

By Yani G. / January 24, 2015

Kelty ignite sleeping bag 20 dridownHiking and camping are both great ways to reconnect with nature and finally spend some quality time outdoor. Right? That’s only true if you… well, unless you’re Batman (that guy never sleeps)… , it’s only true if you will find a good place to stay/sleep for a while. This Kelty Ignite DriDown 20-degree sleeping bag review will come in handy for you, if you’re looking for something to sleep in.

Those who are not sissies but also not ”Heck, I’ll sleep outside on a tree branch on zero degrees” hard-core will find that the best thing to have while on your trip, is a good sleeping bag. Personally, when backpacking on mountains and exploring the beauties of winter lakes, even if I’m in a rented cottage, I don’t like to use their sheets. I rather unfold my Kelty Ignite DriDown 20-Degree sleeping bag (that gets you to Amazon), and sleep like a mo-fo baby. So let’s see what’s it all about:

Overview Of The Kelty Ignite Sleeping Bag

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When you need a sleeping bag, often the only reason for purchasing or not is something based on very specific preferences. For me, there were two things:

I am not in such a good shape, or just lazy, who knows. Anyway point being: I can hike, and backpack, and walk for hours, but I don’t want to carry around a sleeping bag that’s heavier than me. So I needed a sleeping bag that is very light. Kelty bag with its 2lb 12oz (1,23kg) is pretty much as close as you can get!

Now again, a different angle: I ain’t really one of those people who are freezing constantly, but there is difference between being a little cautious and crazy. So, what I was looking for is a bag that can keep me dry and warm even if the place I sleep in is robust, wet, cold, and unfriendly. My sleeping bag is my “security Blanket” and I have it just like Chandler Bing had one in the Friends TV-Show (yeah, I grew up on that, so what).

Pros Of The Kelty 20 Degree Sleeping Bag

Discovering the positives of any product before people make a purchase is a good thing so let me try and help (don’t worry, we’ll get to the bad part too). So here are the good things about Kelty Ignite:

The sleeping bag is filled with 600- fill DriDown. With this type of filling, you cannot but notice that the sleeping bag is going to remain dry regardless of weather. Not only that, it keeps you warm too. So if you’re looking for a comfortable night rest in the fall breeze outside your tent, this is the bag to go for. Don’t sleep in it directly on a rain, but hey, you might even get away with that kind of strange behaviour.

Box baffle style of construction will help you keep the cold out by trapping it inside of the boxes.  People will find this so cool, because it keeps the warmth on the ground more, and an easy dual slider 58″ zipper on the top really makes it easy to jump in- or out of the bag (more on the zipper later, though). This is very good if you want to wake up and just go for a huge run or something immediately, like in 5 seconds.

The DriDown technology is something I really like. It’s the thing that can make or break your sleep: helps your bag stay dry longer and get dry faster. It also helps loft better and all in all keeps you warm during the whole sleep. Oh, and it’s really lightweight. The whole bag, I mean, so the DriDown technology just helps this a bit more. As they say, these advantages include better compressible materials, light weight for easy moving, and better performance in the middle of the high humid areas people may start to become involved with while camping in different regions of the world.

Check it out, it looks like a giant worm here:

Kelty Ignite Dridown 20

Let’s talk about the top draft collar that this bag has. With this collar, it will help to prevent any drafts from getting into the sleeping bag and prevent you from getting cold. But, sometimes you may find this to be a nuisance, because of the way the collar has to go. But if you are aware of this, and especially if you are in a colder area, this collar may be your saving grace to staying warm.

You thought this is all? Well no way no how. There is a lot of other awesome stuff that this sleeping bag can offer all with a weight of three canned beers (mmm… beer). Ok, here goes:

One of the most important things for a sleeping bag is the outer shells. The crappy bags have bad material, one that rips and then bye-bye dryness, because if they rip you lose all of your ratings for the sleeping bag. But with this Kelty bag, you are not going to be disappointed: it contains the 30D Nylon made from the rip stop material. And this material rocks. You do not have to be concerned about the sleeping bag ripping out on you while you are sleeping or getting snagged on some of the branches that are by where you are hiking.

This one is a personal preference of people, the shape. Kelty Ignition is a mummy bag. It means you will be sleeping with everything inside of the bag (and even your face can be totally covered), which is ment to help maximize the warmth you need with the sleeping bag. It’s a love it or leave it part of a deal, so if you’re claustrophobic or something, you will hate it. But for me, mummifying sleep on 30 degrees F is totally acceptable and, hey, preferable.


Did I mention it’s really light? Also, very small in size when wrapped up, check this out. Ok, you might not see it right now, but it’s small.

One more thing: this thermal rating will allow you to be good until 20 degrees, just don’t go overborad. If you’re trying to sleep on 0 degrees, outside, well, then you’re way too hard core for this baby. Then look for something like this or this.

Cons (There are Some)

Okay, so what. Nothing in the world is perfect. Not even this bag. I’ll tell ya what I think and you decide if you listen to me or not.

The zipper might drive you crazy at the beginning. I mean, sometimes it’s pretty difficult to zip up. For me, I can live with it. Beacuse it means the zipper is going to have a tight seal and no nasty stuff – like super cold wind – will get inside my bag. No-no-no. So that’s cool. But if you need a bag that is just too easy to zip up, maybe check some other ones too.

If you’re an average guy (not Richard Atlas) then you’ll be fine with this bag, however: if you do have big shoulders ‘n’ all, you know, football player style, then you might want to go for a bag that is one size bigger (there are several sizes of these bags). Don’t buy a bag that’s tight on your chest, it’ll make you go crazy. Also, if you like to wiggle during night just size up a little.

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a good middle class outdoor extravagant sleeping bag, the Kelty ignite dridown 20 degree bag should definitely be on your narrow list. This is a great sleeping bag, it will keep you warm and dry at night. The lightweight will make you forget that you’re even carrying a bag around, and once again, outdoor or indoor you’re gonna be sleepin’ like a baby.

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