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Navigating the Wilderness: How to Not Get Lost And Enjoy The Hike

By Yani G. / August 11, 2016

My motto is that you can get lost anywhere – whether you are just a couple of hours away from the nearest town or truly in the wilderness. Here’s what I usually pack. Paper Map and a Compass Of course, the very first step is planning. Decide which trail you want to follow, estimate how […]


Affordable GPS devices for hikers and enthusiasts

By Yani G. / February 12, 2016

In the era of smartphones, why would you ever consider purchasing a dedicated GPS unit for your hiking needs? There are plenty of free smartphone apps that support hiking maps, so what’s the point? If all your hikes are easy and take less than a day, then you probably won’t need these devices. But if being […]


JVC HA-ECX20-B Sweat Proof Headphones for Running – Review

By Nenad A. / July 18, 2015

Sometimes little things are the source of our happiness. I mean, seriously. Who could have thought. A really cheapo earphones with the longest name – “JVC HA-ECX20-B Sweat Proof Headphones”  – just made my day, and this is their story: I’m trying to be one of those people who don’t forget stuff. Especially while traveling. Unfortunately, […]


The Garmin forerunner 310xt – Does it Live Up to the Hype?

By Yani G. / January 2, 2015

So we’re a little gadget freaks around here, expect more and more awesome stuff for running and hiking and diving and all them outdoor activities… oh just check it out: Description: The Garmin 310xt running GPS watch (Amazon) is equipped with several features designed to improve your performance. This review goes over its most important […]