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Best Camping Gear for Fun, Outdoor Families

By Brent Johnson / September 4, 2016

Bringing the ones you love on an outdoor excursion can make for the best memories together. It’s a time and place for parents and children to get away from the distractions of their day-to-day lives and spend genuine moments with one another. Whether taking a light trek on the trail, cooking for four, or telling […]


10 Essential Camping Equipment – The Best of All

By Brent Johnson / August 8, 2016

One of two scenarios can sum up your hike in the backcountry that took place today: (A) It was a glorious day of hiking with amazing vistas and cooperative weather, OR (B) It was a difficult day with demoralizing challenges and cold, wet weather. Either way, you’re probably shattered! After a long, hard day in the […]


Top 10 Camping Cooking Equipment for Backcountry Chefs

By Brent Johnson / June 9, 2016

The amount of calories you expel on a hike is tremendous. After taking into account your body weight, the intensity of the hike, the weight of your pack, and the terrain, the calories burned per hour in hiking is easily in the thousands. So, don’t hold back on food! You need that energy. Preparation of […]