Best Christmas Present Ideas for Hikers, Backpackers and Campers in 2016

Best Christmas Present Ideas for Hikers, Backpackers and Campers in 2016

By Nenad A. / October 13, 2016

Love it or hate it, but hey, Christmas is coming. Personally, I really likethe C. spirit these last couple of years. Probably because finally I could afford all the shit I wanted to have. Like the Star Wars Tie Fighter kit that will keep me away from my family for a while, and make my daughter hate me because I'm not playing with her. Maybe I just need to put the Lego away until she's 15 and she hates me by default. Then I can have some quality me time... but enough about my shit. 

If you are skimmin' here is a table of contents. But if you have 10 minutes, I dare you to read through the article, you might find it stupid. Or great. Tell me in the comments.​

Today, it's time for the Ultimate List of Cristmas ​Presents for Hikers, Backpackers and Campers for the 2016/2017 Christmas Season (and if you miss the rush, there is still some time to New Years). Let's go straight to the point:

Best Christmas Presents for Hikers and Backpackers in 2016

Christmas Gifts When Money Don' Matter ​

Sometimes money is not a problem. I can imagine two scenarios. One: money is not a problem. Two: the person you are shopping for is the only one who can make you pay more than you have in order to make her/him happy. In my case it's often the latter, and it's often the only thing I can think of. Nothing will stop me. Here's a list if you don't want to be stopped.

Carry Me Still

An awesome backpack "for her". Get her this and take her out in the wilderness. Don't forget your tent, sleeping bag, and the vino in this foldable bottle (amazing shit).

(Men's option here, or if you want the full list, check the best backpacks in 2016)


Level of Awesome:

Sleep My Friend And You Will See

While you're at it, now that you both have your backpack it's time to go to a trip together. If you are a guy or a gal doesn't really matter. The point is that you want to get your partner a present that screams: "let's get down to it, baby". And this sleeping bag that fits you both sends just the right message:

Excellent option for backpacking couples or all you young (and old) lovers. This bag will keep you warm even  when the water is already frozen.

There is not much you can do to go wrong with Big Agnes gear. 


Level of Awesome:

Gimme Shelter

Of course, you're gonna need a good tent so you can crawl in and either make your own party, or sleep the party off:

Pretty good 2 person tent that can accommodate you through all seasons. Check the winter options and don't forget other super-warm bags and gear if you plan to sleep outside. Or you know, do some other activities that keep you warm.


Level of Awesome:

If you can't or won't get something in this price range, there's no problem. We know that sometimes buying a $3,000 present is way over the line. Like, Kardashian over the line. And you don't want to go that way.

Here's a lit of a little more wallet-frienldy solutions to wrap in that candy coloured paper:

Backpacker's Christmas Gifts under $100 ​

If you are more on a budget, there is a lot of cool stuff you can get for under $100. Here's what we found to be worth mentioning.

Dig deeper dig faster

So once you are out there, set with your backpacks and tents. You might even have a good sleeping bag already. Nobody says you won't have to dig something out once you're out there in the wild. Or burry something in. Like, you know, when something bad happens you and your buddy can burry that animal (or friend, you know). OK, DON'T DO THAT. I mean, don't kill and burry people around, aaight?

But you still need a shovel, right? Well here is one: 

All-in-one multi-purpose shovel: 

Shovel, Hoe, Hook, Axe, Saw, Hammer, Rescue Knife, Wire Cutter, Bottle Opener, Fire Starter, Whistle, Glass Breaker, Paracord, Measure... "Praise The Lord, Son"


Level of Awesome:

Spike it Like a Pro​

The next thing is kind of amazing on its own, yet so simple. Like in James Bond movies where the cars have spikes and can go 150mph on ice and snow, now you can own (or give as present) a sort of hiking shoe extension in form of shoe-spikes. And you can run and hike on ice and snow. Probably won't make 150 mp/h but still. This is whack:

  • Low profile elastomer harness
  • Welded chains for improved durability
  • 12 spikes on each foot
  • Tote sack included


Level of Awesome:

When Bankers Cut Ham and Cheese

People sometimes say you ain't good if you're buying knives as a present. Or you can get hurt, or something. Like you know, bad karma and shit. But this next thingie is not a knife. It's a multipurpose tool that you and everyone else on this planet needs:

Okay, if we need to explain anything about this crazy tool then you are on a wrong website 🙂

I mean, right? ​


Level of Awesome:

Still too much? Hey, we understand, not everyone wants to spend a little fortune on presents. So we got you covered. Here are some great ideas if you want to spend only 50 bucks or less. And we mean much less:

Hiker's Christmas Gifts under $50 ​

You're not trying to impress anyone with an expensive thing, but still want to show that small taken of love? Here's a list of presents under $50 and they are guaranteed to make your partner, friend, child and their kids happy.

BFF redefined, 'n all​

Ultimate 5-in-1 survival bracelet (yeah, there is such a thing): 

  • High Quality Compass
  • Flint Fire Starter
  • Fire Scrapper inside the buckle
  • Emergency Knife
  • Emergency Whistle


Level of Awesome:

Don't Let Them Fool Ya​

We know that whatever you do, you can never prepare yourself enough for emergency. Maybe the bracelet is not enough. In that case this blanket just might save your life one day.

Or, you know, you can look cool like that guy in Better Call Saul:

  • Retains/reflects back 90% of body heat. - Reusable, waterproof and windproof.
  • Perfect for camping trips and sporting events


Level of Awesome:

In Vino Veritas​

Now that you are good with the tents and the backpacks and you have them awesome spiked shoes and you have made fire with the firestarter shovel and you are warm because of your emergency blanket, well it's time to get loaded. 

So you look your friends deep in their eyes, and pull out THIS out of your backpack. They're gonna go mad for it. Especially if they are parents. For some reasons, parents drink more than normal people: 

Did you see that?

  • Foldable
  • Unbreakable
  • Reusable
  • Did I mention it holds a whole bottle of wine? (I know I need two of these babies)


Level of Awesome:

This One Goes Out To The One I Love​

Not a wine person? Don't you worry a thing. Stanley Flask to the rescue. Ever since 1913 or something. People got boozed on this in the WWI so why wouldn't you on your next hiking or skiing trip?

  • Stainless steel, durable, don't lose the cap thing all in all great.
  • Hold 5oz (148ml) of your favorite drink - and no, it's not for milk.
  • Ideal for a present for your alcoholic buddies
  • Lifetime warrantee (yay!)


Level of Awesome:

Light at the End of the Tunnel 

Finally you're at your happy place after three bottles of wine, some hard core booze, and countless hours of talking 'bout your spoiled kids that you miss dearly but they are at their friends for New Years Eve and will not come home for three days...

You stand up and realize, damn, you forgot where did you put your tent up. The forest is deep. It's cold and dark. No worries, this headlamp will show you the way back to your awesome tent and finally you can sleep happily. Until you have to pee, because, let's face is, you drank too much wine:

Lightweight, adjustable, with several types of illumination.

Waterproof, it won't die on you once it starts raining out there.

And batteries are included. Yup, you read that right too!


Level of Awesome:

​This list is not complete of course. There are so much more cool stuff that all hikers need.

Some are cool some are cooler:​

​So that's it for the Hiking part. Well, most of Campers will be able to use these hiker tips too, it't not an exclusive thing, but now when we dive into the camping Christmas presents, you'll notice why did we want to separate the things.

Best Christmas Presents for Campers in 2016

Hint: campers can bring much more gear ​along. They are not limited to the size of their backpack but rather to the size of their car or trailer. Then again, in winter, not everybody is so pumped about going out there and sleeping at -20 degrees.

If you are one of them, or your beloved one is, here's a little list we made ​ so that you can use it for your idea as a best gift there is. 

Keep it simple​

If you are camping during Christmas time (give or take one month) and you don't live in California, there is a change you'll need something from North Face. 

This vest will keep you worm if brandy doesn't.​


Level of Awesome:

Romantic Grease Lightning​

Light up your nights with this awesome lantern. Low on consumption, gives good light, and can be charged in five different ways.

One of them ways is simple batteries, so you never go dark.​


Level of Awesome:

​Warm and Fuzzy Feeling

Don't ever feel cold during them cold cold nights. This heater is approved for both indoor and outdoor usage (with own accessories, pay attention to that) and will help you stay warm and cozy even when it's chilled outside.


Level of Awesome:

But again, the list we presented is far too short to be complete. There is some awesome basic camping gear that we talk about in our essential camping gear article, and then we go deeper in the camping cooking article and this camping fun article too.

 We know it's not enough for you, and that's why here's a little more of the goodies we have found.

Yet Some More Cool Stuff​

 I think with that dog house we just broke the internet.

The Unmissable Present for Christmas​

Finally, not any list in the world would be done without some good old LED Christmas Lights, so here they are. Use them on your home, on your car, on your tent, camp, on trees, heck put them on your dog and let him run around a little (Just be careful, all right? Go easy on the Punch). Check it out: 

So Marry Christmas...​

Charge with sun (no cost, right?) for 6 hours. Lasts for 8.

Small. Dragonfly shaped.

Easy to operate.

Color thy night up.​


Level of Awesome:

Why is buying Christmas Presents online so freaking cool? 

If you are like me, and probably a 100 million other people, the only thing I loath about the Holiday Season is the unbearable crowd​ in every single store you ever put your feet in from November 'till December 24. It's just insane. So I found Amazon to be a pretty good alternative, and if you like it too, well then there is that huge list above from where you can pick your favourite present for your loved ones.

Have your own list of cool stuff to give it to others? Tell us in the comments and we'll check them out.​

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