Best 2 Person Lightweight Tents for Backpacking and Hiking

Best 2 Person Lightweight Tents for Backpacking and Hiking

Many people out there think that a tent is just a safe house without knowing that there are various types of tents which hold different purposes. For example, there are hiking tents, scout or military tents which act as houses and offices for defense forces during their trainings in the woods and not forgetting outdoor part tents which you normally see during wedding or funeral ceremonies.

Top three light-weight tents comparison


High Peak Outdoors Maxxlite Tent

Wenzel Current Hiker Two-Person Tent


wenzel current hiker 2 person tent
sierra design flashlight two person tent best value


Very Light, Great for Young People

Pretty light, good value for the money. Does the job.

Good space inside, sitting possible. Durable. 


Very hot during Summer, not really suitable for Winter.

Not the best for going in and out (a little rough), ventilation not the best.

Windproof feature on the sides is a little low.

Best for:​

2 small people (young), who want a solid almost 4 season tent.

Short hiking, biking, motorcycling.

People who want to spend time not only sleeping in the tent.



By now you know that there are light and heavy load tents and they are very different in both outlook and texture. Light weight tents are for hiking business, they are smaller and lighter than the heavy load tents and they hold a capacity of one to three persons at most. This simply means that when put into comparison with the heavy load tents which can accommodate a capacity of more than ten people the light weight is easier to carry, assemble and has a small capacity as indicated earlier.

​Light weight tents have the capability to withstand harsh climatic conditions especially those that are normally found in woody and desert terrains. Its light nature gives a comfortable and an ideal environment t o enable the person who is going hiking to pack light and avoid being exhausted on his or her quest. Such tents are normally used by one or two individual that is that they can accommodate a capacity of either one, two or three people depending on the manufacturer instructions on the accommodation room inside the tent.

Going camping, hiking or just wanting to see an outdoor life you will simply require a tent whether you want to spend the night out or not. This is because a tent is your safe house which is simply designed for one purpose, to shelter you. Many people, who go on a half a day camping or hiking trip, tend to think that a tent is not necessary that after all they will be back in their sweet homes before the cover of darkness. This is a total misconception, first of all the fact that the tent is shelter means that you can use it during the day during hot weather or when it’s raining. Also, when we go on our day to day activities we have hope of going back home before night falls, but there are those days when it is not that possible and it will force you to stay out. This is where a tent comes in handy.​

There are various types of tents for hiking and this normally gives customers headaches when it comes to purchasing because some are flashy and beautiful, others dull but made of good material, some expensive yet unreliable, while others cheap but give good services. Well worry no more because in this article you will be guided step by step on how and why you should buy a good, durable and worth hiking tent. Let’s start with the how to locate a good tent.

Features of a good hiking tent

Since we already know that there are very many hiking tents in the market it is hard to fully understand which the best tent is for you without a breakdown of features to look in the quest of finding best tent for yourself, family and friends. Below are the features of the best tent for you in hiking business.

  • The tent should contain a durable stature
  • It should have a hard material to prevent cold and water from penetrating into the sa fe house
  • A good tent should have a good ventilation system. This will prevent you from suffocating due to lack of air.
  • The best tent for you to buy is one that suites your needs that is one that satisfies you. For example if you are going camping with your spouse it will be a good idea to buy a tent that can comfortably suit e two people.
  • A good tent for hiking should also be light because in order to survive the hiking business you should pack light since the journey will be long and tough.
  • The cost also plays a major role, can you afford it?
  • The best tent is one which has doors on every side with a zipper though one door tent cuts down costs.
  • A tent with vestibules also plays a major role because it keeps the tent tidy by providing a place where one can keep other kinds of hiking necessities such as boots.

Light Weight Tents: Who it is not good for?

This question will be very obvious, but this certainty in the minds of people is what makes many buyers go wrong in their purchases. Although light weight tents are good hiking not all of them can handle the adventure and challenges that come with the hiking business.

For example, when going hiking in a frost, snowy area or even a windy environment, the harsh climatic conditions cannot allow you to have a light weight tent rather a heavy load tent.

Certainly light weight tents are not for scouts, girl guides, military men or any other persons who like to hike in such kinds of environment.

Lightweight tents are not made for people who want to sleep under one roof of shelter such as a group of people who are more than five people with heavy equipments that need to be sheltered so that they do not spoil.

Top three best light weight tents

In case you’re going hiking, the three bulkiest things on you will be your pack itself (containing, water, flashlight, food, phone and among other necessities), you’re dozing sack and your safe house. So, it bodes well to put resources into a lightweight and smaller tent which is of course decent. We took a gander at choices available on the market, putting into consideration the weight, the size it pressed down to, the kind of conditions it withstood and how moron confirmation it was to pitch (keeping in mind that you may be putting it up and bringing it down with constrained help when you’re drained). Our round-up uncovers the best top three tents that this year brings to the table.

High Peak Outdoors Maxxlite Tent

Intended for trekking or cycle visiting, this tent is straightforward and streamlined, with unimaginably lightweight and weatherproof materials and a lot of space for two individuals and their apparatus, on account of the secured additional space simply off the entryway.

This space additionally implies you can cook inside the tent without outcomes, in light of the fact that the gasses can escape without entering the resting space. For warm evenings, pitch the breathable internal all alone.

Wenzel Current Hiker Two-Person Tent

Accessible in two men, straight up to five men, this one is an extraordinary spending plan choice. We believe it’s an awesome purchase at the cost, with a straightforward lightweight passage outline and simple, quick pitching.

The groundsheet is separable, which means you can forget it if a wet range is required for sloppy apparatus, and in addition making tent drying and support simpler. Its bathtub shape implies it has raised sides to keep out drafts and water.

Sierra Designs Flashlight 2 Tent

This is a strong and tough, three-season tent that ought to last you a lifetime. Resting two serenely, it is light to convey and much lighter on the off chance that you split the heap between both explorers.

You can pitch it inside of a couple of minutes and it has loads of valuable stockpiling pockets. It’s best for anybody less than six feet, as it’s not as open in the resting compartment as a few.

What to do after you have picked your lightweight tent?

Make sure you have all the other hiking & camping equipment sorted out. Do not go to a trip unprepared.

Enjoy ​your trip to the fullest!

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