10 Essential Camping Equipment - The Best of All

10 Essential Camping Equipment – The Best of All

One of two scenarios can sum up your hike in the backcountry that took place today:

  • (A) It was a glorious day of hiking with amazing vistas and cooperative weather, OR
  • (B) It was a difficult day with demoralizing challenges and cold, wet weather.

Either way, you’re probably shattered! After a long, hard day in the bush, you deserve to get comfortable. You’ve earned your right to kick your feet up and lounge around camp for the rest of the evening. Rest is equally as important as making your way down the trail. So, here we are bringing to you:

The 10 Essentials to Camp like a Champ

Consider these essential camp goodies on your next trip and make your glorious day even more glorious or revitalize the morale that is much needed after a tough day hiking. Make these yours before your next adventure.

Sandals: KEEN Men’s Newport H2 Sandal and KEEN Women’s Whisper Sandal

Make those feet happy again in camp! Sandals allow those battered feet of yours to get some fresh air flowing. KEEN prides themselves in a rugged sandal ready for anything from “beaches to mountains to city streets” and makes excellent sandals for both men and women.

Let’s take a closer look at the Men’s Newport H2 and the Women’s Whisper.

Both, the Men’s Newport H2 and Women’s Whisper are remarkably similar. The only real difference is that the Women’s Whisper has a “women’s specific fit.” Both will find traction on both wet and dry surfaces with the multi-directional lug pattern sole. The elastic cord lace and strap design make these KEEN sandals easy on-and-off while still keeping your feet secure. The toe protector on the Men’s Newport H2, however, may keep your mind at ease wandering around camp a bit more than the Women’s Whisper.

Hydrophobic quickdry mesh keeps those feet as dry as possible and the Aegis Microbe Shield is a washable webbing that keeps those tootsies fresh. The Newport H2 comes in 21 colors, while the Whisper has over 35 colors to choose from so there you go. No way you will not find the ones to your liking. Some will find these even great for hiking, but there’s no question that your feet will love being strapped into these sandals. Both are highly rated by thousands of happy feet!

Stove: Jetboil Flash

 You’re hungry, a little grumpy, and can’t be bothered to fiddle and wait for your little stove to come to a boil. You’ll be even grumpier when you see how fast the Jetboil Flash (that you don’t own) feeds the neighboring hikers! The Jetboil Zip Cooking System’s 16 oz. stainless steel burner boils water in 2 minutes flat.

The Flash is a clever cooking system with the insulated cooking cup attached straight to the burner with a built-in windscreen and tripod base that just make life a little easier. Funky, little details like the color changing heat indicator, protective plastic bottom that acts as a removeable cup, or even the fact that everything will fit snuggly in the main pot when tucked away in your bag is what makes this contraption a camp essential.

Find out more about the right gear if you want to cook something while camping.

Flashlight: VITCHELO V800 LED Headlamp

Let there be light!

Vitchelo’s headlamp is highly rated with almost 3,000 reviews on Amazon. This head torch has quite a few details that sound minor at home, but on the trail you’ll be thankful for. It has 2 red lights: one flashing, one steady. Instead of having to scroll through colors, it has 2 buttons for white and red light. There are 6 levels of lighting to accommodate any kind activity, with the brightest beam reaching out to 110 meters away and the battery life can reach upwards of 120 hours. Also, the headband feels good on the noggin and is tough at the same time. Rainy night? This water resistant torch has got you covered.

Hygiene: Coghlan’s Camping and Backpacking Bathroom Pack

When nature calls, you’ll be able to answer with the Coghlan Bathroom Accessories for Backpackers. Sometimes you can find a pack for sale, but if not, this is what you should include in your backpack:

  1. lightweight Coghlan’s Backpackers Trowel for disposing of waste responsibly,
  2. biodegradable toilet paper,
  3. Purell Hand Sanitizer, and
  4. Dr. Bronner’s Magic Liquid Soap.

The Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap is great because you can wash dirty pots and pans, your body, and even brush your teeth! If you find it as a pack it will cost around $30,00 which can seem a bit pricey for a pack you could probably whip up together yourself, but Coghlan’s package is all ready to hit the trails so that you’ll be responsibly prepared without having to think too hard about it.

Safety: 100-Piece First- Aid Kit

top camping gearA first-aid kit isn’t the most exciting part of packing for the trip, but you’ll want to be prepared in the unlikely circumstance of an accident. This 100 piece, best-selling FDA approved kit is lightweight, and has been upgraded based on customer feedback. The picture above gives you a list of what you’ll find inside the kit and should cover the kinds of accidents you could possibly experience on the trail.

Dry/Clean Clothes: Minus33 Merino Wool Top and Bottom

Nothing feels better than snuggling into your clean camp clothing after your long day. It’s especially important to have dry clothing at the end of a rainy day. That’s why the Minus33 Merino Wool Top and also the Minus 33 Merino Wool Bottom need to come with you to camp. Although comfortable, cotton is a no-no on the trail because it absorbs water like a sponge. This combination of Merino top and bottom could also work as base layers for colder days, but personally I would keep these for down times and sleepy times. The Minus33 pair are also odor resistant, moisture wicking, lightweight, and come in a handful of colors and sizes. You’ll be so happy to have these garments hugging you to sleep.

Bear Canister: BearVault

Not everyone will need a bear canister if not in bear country, but if you plan on trekking through bear territory, the BearVault bear canister should be on your person.

All of your food, hygienic products, and other aromatic items will be safely locked away in this canister from the furry, curious creatures. In fact, national parks where bears inhabit the area will likely require hikers to have a canister like this one. To lock and unlock the vault, it’s essential to use a coin, preferably a large one. It is apparently large enough to store a week’s worth of food inside. Shove this canister into your pack or strap it on the outside while trekking and you won’t even notice it’s there. Keep the peace between you and the bears with the BearVault.

Earplugs/Eyemask: Alaska Bear

You might laugh when I say this is essential, but when there’s an unknown something moving around outside your camp at night, you don’t want to hear or see it. Otherwise, you won’t go back to sleep.

It’s also nice to blot out the snoring from the hiker next to you! The Alaska Bear eyemask and earplugs pack is a small package that will guarantee you the big rest you deserve. Of course, you could find this sort of duo almost anywhere at any convenience store. For a small price though, it might be worth ordering from Alaska Bear once you know it’s been rated nearly 5 stars on Amazon. Nothing should mess with your beauty sleep.

Power Bank: Unifun External Battery Power Bank

Everyone is plugged in these days. Even though the idea of going ‘off the grid’ for a few days sounds appealing, most people are too connected on a regular basis. To keep your devices juiced, the Unifun Power Bank should be highly considered. For just a little bit more than a coffee, you will have a trail-ready power source that is waterproof, dustproof, and anti-shock. This power bank can charge devices like the iPhone or Galaxy S4 three times or more. You can also charge two devices at once with the dual USB output. 4 LED lights indicate the power status of the Unifun power bank and automatically turns off when a device is fully charged to prevent energy loss. And, a built-in flashlight will put an end to all of your electronic hassles in the dark. Check to be sure this tough little power bank supports your device, then get hasty and buy one for your next outing!

Camping Mat: Klymit Static V Lightweight Sleeping Pad

The moment you’re legs have been waiting for all day has finally arrived! Pull your lightweight Klymit Static V sleeping pad out of the bag, give it a few huffs, and all is well. This incredibly comfortable pad will take little effort to get to camp and set-up once you’re ready to catch some ZZZ. The V-chamber pad design holds air in place and prevents heat loss to keep you sleeping all night long. Sleep like a rock on the Klymit Static V while feeling weightless on your back and on your feet.

That is if you have the right tent, and other gear you need for your camping/hiking trip.

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