GoBag - The Carry-on Bag for Real Adventurers

GoBag – The Carry-on Bag for Real Adventurers

Nenad A.
By Nenad A. / June 19, 2015

Today I’m bringing you a kickstarter thing. It’s not really hard core hiking stuff, but it’s definitely outdoor. Oh boy, is it outdoor.

What is the deal with GoBag?

Once you travel a lot, on your own, and possibly all the “office” with you (read: laptop) you really start to value the term “travel light”. Up until today it meant that an extra pair of clean underwear is due to careful consideration when packing. The decision between either a pair of socks or another t-shirt needs at least a half hour debate and measurement. And then whichever you have chosen, you know that you’d need the other one once you do arrive to wherever you have left for.

But what if you’d have a possibility to pack stuff for several days of wandering around the shores of South East Asia or hiking in California or just good old-fashioned regular backpacking? Enter gobag: where a great idea meets technology, vacuum.

Gobag is a vacuum-compressible carry-on bag for any adventure! (their words, not mine, but I was watching their  video and I liked what I have seen)

Note that you don’t really need to have a vacuum cleaner with you if you want to push the air out of the special max-pack bag. Unless you are a squirrel (in which case you don’t need this bag), you can easily compress it with your bodyweight. A minute of your time. And you’re all done.

So there you go, only 35 litres of awesomeness, and you might even think: how will I fit anything inside. Well, with it’s vacuum design, you can definitely fit in much more than in a regular backpack.

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Mega-cool features of the bag

Top quality material

TPU coated ballistic nylon, tested under the harshest circumstances and, well, it passed the test.

Laptop Harness

Fit your laptop the size anything between 11″-15″ and never worry that it’s edges will suffer an unwanted “injury”

Hidden Pocket

Put your money and Passport and other important belongings in this hidden pocket, and only you and the other 45,000 people who have this kind of bag will know about it.


Picture source: Kickstarter

Full edge zip

Extremely useful if you ask me. Well, even  if you don’t ask me it’s still useful, and here’s why:

Don’t you just hate when something you are looking for is in the bottom of the bag? Right? I mean, right? And it’s always the thing that you need the most. Even if you pack carefully. Well, forget about that. The full edge zip means you can get vertigo while unzipping the bag, but it also means there is no top and bottom. Well, technically there is but it’s kind of interchangeable. You can reach anything from anywhere. Now I’m thinking, getting to the middle of the bag might be a challenge.

Carry-on Size

For people who only travel once every three to four years to Hawaii, Ibiza or Wiesbaden in Germany to visit their long forgotten relatives, this feature is probably not so important. But for those flying so much that they started to like airplane food this is a lifesaver. Especially when you come to think of it it does fit your needs for several days (we can’t possibly predict how many days, because we have no idea about your travel and packing habits).

Detachable clear Washbag

Yet another cool feature for all people who hear the airplane engines more frequently than the voice of their moms. Just put your liquid stuff in there, strap off from the inside of the bag and off you go. Time is of essence on airports, especially if you need a beer. Or to pee. Whichever comes first.

Don’t believe me? Watch that video up there again!


Picture source: Kickstarter

And where can you get one of these beauties?

Lucky for you (if you read it on time) it’s currently on Kickstarter until June 24th 2015, so if you hurry up you might get it for a good discount. Click here to see it on Kickstarter.

You can also follow Gobag on Facebook (duh), or Twitter or Instagram

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